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By Beinta Poulsen

EINSTAKT, which means unique in Faroese, is a small clothing brand based in the city center of Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands.

Through the thoughtful creations of designer Beinta Poulsen and the hand knitted process of local Faroese women, each finished garment upholds to the brand's essence of pure individuality.

Creating purposeful designs is a primary focus within EINSTAKT, here the combination of classic, timeless and Nordic aesthetic meets the social responsibilities of durability and sustainability through slow fashion practices, resulting in unique designs meant to last through the times.

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By Elisa Heinesen

Elisa Heinesen is a London based fashion brand, headed up by Faroese born designer by the same name.

The brand makes functional fashion with a strong emphasis on slow fashion. We use primarily deadstock fabric which make our pieces even more unique. Our clients have come to know us for not overproducing styles, that's why they have come to love owning our exclusive pieces.

Since we have begun to craft our 'One of A Kind' accessories they have become very popular and highly requested.

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By Elsa Bech

Fashion Brand elsabech is a faroese brand located in the capital of Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands.

The brand is "feminine with a raw touch" for women. 

The design is powerful, flashy, feminine, elegant, and filled with structures inspired by nature.

Our audience is very wide, which means that “the trend is not created, according to how old you are, but what type you are in mind” - elsabech can be worn by everyone, and even become your closest friend.

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By Rebekka á Fjallinum

REKA is known for its simple and clean designs, with attention to detail and unique elements. Her collection EINLITT, in English meaning one colour, focuses on the shape of the garments, structuring each piece to enhance the details of the form.
Growing up with the Faroese tradition of knitting, REKA has taken this to heart and interpreted it into garments that are distinct, easily recognizable and individual in their style.
When buying a product from REKA you are assured high-quality items, knitted and created by the designer herself, primarily with the use of natural and organic materials, most of which come from the local community.

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By K. Sissal KJ. Kristiansen

Shisa Brand creates unique Faroese handiwork ranging from hand-knitted sweaters in original designs to bags and accessories inspired by different cultures, people, local artists or by the material itself.

I feel inspired by the mystical Faroese nature with its fog and subdued colors - like a semi-transparent veil, the fog both shrouds and enhances the rugged beauty of the landscape.

I love to create a purse that stands out and has its use both in a Faroese location but also in e.g. a vibrating metropolis like Tokyo.

There is no mass production; each item created by Shisa Brand is handmade. The sweaters, cardigans, jackets, bags and clutches, and the unique accessories, are exclusive and therefore also in limited supply.

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By Johanna av Steinum

STEINUM is a Faroe Islands knitwear brand. The brand was founded in 2009 by Central Saint Martins graduate and knitwear designer, Jóhanna av Steinum. STEINUM brings a unique approach to the Faroese knitting tradition.

The designs are bold and bright with strong colours and eye-catching patterns, sometimes reminiscent of childhood naivety. The style is cheeky and infectious, suited for confident people wanting to display their individuality. STEINUM’s approach combines traditional knitting patterns and styles from the Faroe Islands with Ukrainian handicraft and fashion culture.

This new and unique combination results in the characteristic and quirky pieces that characterise the collections.

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By Durita Thomsen

DURITA THOMSEN is a clothing brand from the Faroe Islands. Designer Durita Jógvansdóttir Thomsen creates from her workshop located in the country’s capital, Tórshavn - Hand knitted items are made by a team of highly skilled knitters working individually from home.

Her small, and exclusive collection is composed of intriguing knitwear and one-of-a-kind, up-cycled denim pieces that take inspiration from traditional Faroese craftsmanship, and a “no-waste” approach to living. The style is full of personality and comfort.

Feel free to show us your way of wearing DURITA THOMSEN!

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